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Christmas at the's a gift!

I am always amazed when walking around Cardiff Indoor Flea Market at just what fabulous merchandise there is available. The Christmas and craft fair showed that there was plenty of variety and some of that stock has found its way into the market itself and is available on various stalls so it is worth coming down for a good explore.

There’s loads of inspiration all around the market, and loads of bargains as well. From pre-loved items of all sizes to original hand crafted gifts; there really is no reason not to find all your Christmas gifts in this one enormous space. Certainly beats the ‘bunfight’ of shopping in town and should keep the family happy as well!

So, how about some gift ideas?

Well, there’s far too much to mention but how about:

Jewellery & militaria– rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, medals, sweetheart brooches

Books and comics– old novels and manuals, craft and specialist books, novels

China & crockery– cups & saucers, tea sets, vases, plates, jugs and all sorts

Cd’s & vinyl– vintage and modern music galore

Leatherwork– belts, wallets, bags, masks and totems/statues, all sorts

Vintage clothing– a wide selection of items for men & women at stalls throughout the market, some great partywear

Mirrors– all shapes, sizes and ages, vintage retro, antique and modern…there are mirrors to suit all needs

Antique, Vintage & Retro furnitureof all sizes – from superb dressers and sideboards, tables and chairs, individual chairs, side tables, occasional tables, stools

Collectables– all sorts, trinket boxes, china ornaments, cutlery, models, posters

Glassware- glasses, vases, bowls, jugs, decanters, decorative items, paperweights

Lighting- lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, light shades of all styles, nightlights

Hand-made items– beautiful crafts, leatherwork, embroidery and lace items, candles, cards and loads more

Paintings and print - styles for all tastes in sizes and various mediums; originals and prints available…

Well if you haven’t got some ideas from that list, then visit and find your own inspiration!

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