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Business as (un)usual

We may be closed but we are still productive, to be ready when you are!

Due to the Covid19 lockdown, we had to shut our doors for the foreseeable future. This closure will remain in place until the epidemic is brought under control and it is sensible to resume business.

That said, where possible, many of us are keeping busy with work we can do at home, in readiness for when we reopen. Those of us whose businesses include arts, crafts and other hand made items, are busy making at home. For those of us who have work stalls at the market, well, larger items will have to wait for stripping or renovation, but smaller projects will be worked on at home.

So for those of you who have spent your isolation either planning or carrying out decorating/changing your rooms around, or overhauling your outdoor spaces, bear in mind that you will find all sorts of unique, quality items from all sorts of eras at Cardiff Indoor Flea Market. Check us out when we reopen…watch this space.

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