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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and the big commercial companies are getting fat!

Have you ever thought Christmas is just too mass produced and that everyone is getting the same old presents? Socks for dad, choccies and smellies for mum and Aunty Maud; mobile phones and games consoles for the kids? And then you are paying the cost of Christmas for the rest of the year.

Well, pop quiz…

Do you enjoy Christmas shopping in town?

Yes No

Are you still wracking your brains for original gifts for people?

Yes No

Do you want to buy something really special as gifts?

Yes No

Do you want to take the stress out of Christmas shopping?

Yes No

Do you want to be able to park, easily and free of charge?

Yes No

Do you want to be able to sit and have a cuppa and snack when you want to, and pay a reasonable price for it?

Yes No

Do you want to deal with friendly knowledgeable sellers?

Yes No

Are you exhausted after all those questions? Just kidding.

But take a look at those answers…if you think everything is just the ‘same old same old’ and you want something different in the way of gifts and shopping experience then visit Cardifff Indoor Flea Market.

Christmas is a time for family and celebration and what better way than to browse through 3 warehouses full of vintage contents, stuff from days when it was cool to sit down after Christmas dinner and play card games or charades, leaf through that fantastic book you had as a gift or sip a lovely Port from the lovely glasses you were given, not have to sit through the latest version of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, or keep trying to get your kids attention away from their phones!

So many people are amazed and delighted when they find us and there really is something for everyone with items from as little as 50p up to hundreds of pounds for stunning and unique items of furniture. We are a select collection of eclectic stalls offering a fabulously wide range of items - antique, retro, vintage and modern. You won’t find mass produced here but you will find lots of special items that capture the imagination, collectables and preloved items all looking for a new home.

And when you need a break, grab a cuppa and a Christmas treat from our Nostalgia café and just take a few minutes to appreciate the Christmas ambience.

Whether you are a Christmas cracker or a Bah Humbugger, you’ll still feel comfortable down here …coz we have lots of our own crackers and one or two buggers too! Visit our pop up Christmas Curiosity Stall for a teaser of what we all have to offer over the 3 Halls….we did try to deck the whole place with boughs of holly but those ‘humbuggers’ weren’t having any of it….enjoy!

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