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Come and Check Out Kev's Stuff! What An Offer?!

Stylish, beautifully woodgrained and tasteful…and that’s just Kev! Ha Ha.

Kev’s stuff consists of lots of class furniture, mirrors and vintage items, much of it painstakingly restored by Kev himself, who has a knack for spotting something that will ‘clean up well’. He also has an interesting line in lighting made out of unusual items… and as they say… ‘you won’t find these in the shops’.

Come along and take a look at what is on offer. Kev has a good eye, which shows in what he sells and he is always happy to discuss the history of a given piece or what was required to restore it. He knows his stuff and he knows how to get the best out of something that needs a bit of skill and attention to bring it up to scratch. Apparently he knows his chairs too…which brings to mind all sorts of jokes about Queen Anne legs!

There’s lots to choose from and items are priced very reasonably and his customers appreciate good workmanship so if you are looking for something a bit special, take a look at Kev’s stuff.

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