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A Strawberry’s Adventure Away from Wimbledon!

The sun is shining so it looks like bumper crowds at Wimbledon.

Well, for a strawberry like me that means every chance of being flung into a bowl with some cream to be devoured with a glass of champagne or cup of tea!

Bugger that. I’m off on an adventure around Cardiff Indoor Flea Market to visit some ‘strawberry cousins’ and see what is on offer.

There are lots of strawberries to be seen, as well as strawberry colours…and the odd tennis racket every now and again, just in case I forget my roots (excuse the pun).

You will see me hanging out on the fabulous stalls and even hiding amongst the items for a quick game of ‘peek a boo’. How many times can you spot me?

In fact, why not visit the market and see if you can find me. I’ll be hiding in plain sight!

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