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Let's talk 'Love'

We're into February already! The month of Valentine wishes, hearts and fact, let's talk Love! So what do you love? Do you love Antiques, Vintage, Retro or Modern? Or a bit of everything? Are you looking for a gift for someone special or even yourself? We have beautiful wood furniture just waiting to be loved. There are fabulous pre-loved and lovingly restored items looking for new homes where they can be truly appreciated. Some lovely soft toys looking for someone to hug or cwtch; tasteful vases, jugs or solifleurs just hoping to be graced with flowers.

And as for art...there;s something for everyone, heart-themes, love themes, all sorts of themes in fact...but all painted and produced with love. There is also jewellery to be found throughout the market including gorgeous rings...just in case you have been swept away by the romance of the month! And don't forget those fabulous romantic tunes and love songs. Vinyl and CDs are available from lots of stalls. Now there's something to sing about!

What are you waiting for...come on down...there's so much unique stuff here that you are totally gonna love.

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