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Easter. It's not just about eggs!

Ever wondered what eggs have to do with Easter? Well the internet will give you loads of stories about the Easter Bunny coming from Germany in the 1700’s and it becoming a tradition for children to make nests for it to lay its eggs in…a bunny laying eggs…that just sounds naaasty! But the roots are deeply embedded in the practices of early Christians. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth and Easter eggs represent the empty tomb from which Jesus resurrected. That is why eggs are passed out in church services over the Easter period. There are other connections as well, for instance the painting of eggs red is to represent the blood of Christ; Easter egg rolling is to represent the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Christ and lastly the joy on the face of someone receiving an egg mirrors the joy of christ’s followers when they found Jesus’ tomb empty and realized He had risen. Lovely sentiments and reminder that Easter is not just a commercial circus for the confectionary trade. Sermon over!

So while it has become a tradition in more modern times to give chocolate eggs at Easter, not everyone wants chocolate for Easter! Well let’s face it, chocolate may be good stuff but once it’s gone it’s gone - well not really…it usually can be found on your hips! But the point is, if you are going to give a gift, give one that can be kept and treasured. So visit Cardiff Indoor Flea Market and see what little treasures you can find here. Maybe a favourite album in its original vinyl, a piece of jewellery, a trinket, a trio of china, a soft toy, a piece of glass or a painting or print. If you still want an egg of some sort, there are jewel eggs available from some stalls…you just need to hunt them out! Maybe you want to go bigger, with a piece of vintage or retro furniture…maybe you are having all the family over for an Easter meal and you just need more chairs! Whatever the reason behind your Easter-fest…pop in and see what you like. There is even a light-up Madonna picture to be found on Kev’s stall…that is worth a visit alone! We are open Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday. 9-5. See you soon. Happy Easter.

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